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  • 555 Cigarettes pack
    • 12 mg Tar Level
    • 1 mg Nicotine
    Price per 1 carton
    $ 50.20
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    King Size Box
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555 State Express is one of the well known cigarette brands presented by British American Tobacco Company (BAT). 555 State Express has been in the market for a long time and it's pretty big in many Asian countries. This brand is marketed in more than 60 countries and their makers, BAT is working hard to expand its influence to new territories. 555 States Express cigarettes are very popular in countries like India and China, and it has a cult status in Vietnam. In Vietnam, 555 State Express cigarettes top the charts of the bestselling cigarette brands. This brand has a considerable fan following in countries like the United States and in the European Continent, and it's slowly starting to gain foothold in Russia and Latin America.

This brand of cigarettes is usually preferred by young people for its mellow taste and smooth aroma. 555 State Express cigarettes are also well liked by people of middle class because it's affordable and is also of very high quality. 555 State Express are offered in very alluring packs which are mostly combinations of golden and yellow colors. This brand is also involved in sponsorship of various sporting events, mainly motor sports. 555 State Express World Racing logos were used at Subaru World Rally Championships for more than 10 years.

555 State Express offers the following varieties:

  • 555 State Express Lights are for smokers who prefer mild cigarettes. This variant contains 8 mg of Tar and 0.8 mg of nicotine.
  • 555 State Express Classic cigarettes are stronger stuff fit for regular and experienced smokers. This variant contains 12 mg of Tar and 1 mg of Nicotine.
  • 555 State Express International cigarettes are currently the most popular and best sold variant of this brand. This variant is strong with 12 mg of Tar and 1 mg of Nicotine and it is also 95mm in length which is longer than the regular cigarette.

555 State Express cigarettes are available for sale at many online cigarette shops at very reasonable rates. Order these at discount rates and smoke your purchase to heart's content. If you are a smoke enthusiast ready to go that extra length to taste the best there is then 555 State Express cigarettes is your deal.