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The Main Types of Parliament Cigarettes and Their Meaning

Here is a list with the most popular varieties of Parliament cigarettes, explained. Please take into account that both aroma and tar may vary according to factors like place of production and momentum. You should be able to buy online any of these cigarettes, provided that you live in an area where international shipping is feasible.

  • Parliament Full Aroma - just like the name states, this is a full-flavor cigarette. However, be advised that it feels softer than other similar products. If you like harsh smoke or an incisive taste, this cigarette is not for you.
  • Parliament Night Blue - these cigarettes are rather strong, but the recessed filter and the reduced quantity of nicotine (0.8 mg) make them feel like just like a light cigarette.
  • Parliament Aqua Blue - light cigarettes with a very discrete taste. Perfect for women.
  • Parliament Superslims - a regular Parliament cigarette with a twist, visible in the design of the pack and in the length of the cigarette.
  • Parliament Reserve - Light and airy, these cigarettes are the perfect solution for beginners.
  • Parliament One - Designed for women who hate cigarettes with a strong tar: tar volume 1 mg, nicotine volume 0.1 mg.
  • Parliament Silver Blue - These cigarettes feel surprisingly strong provided that they only have 4 mg of tar.
  • Parliament Menthol Lights - The same quality of a regular Parliament cigarette with a menthol twist. The nice thing about this variety is that the menthol is extremely discreet as compared to other menthol cigarettes on the market.

All these varieties try to meet the same principle: a cigarette can be both filling and have full aroma and still be light. As a side note, people who smoke Parliament cigarettes rarely switch to a different brand: after a short period of accommodation, nothing seems just as soft and clean as this brand of cigarettes.