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We bring to notice to all our clients that from now on we are offering you the chance to buy your favorite brands of cigarettes at the lowest discount price in order to taste them and determine your smoking preferences. As a result, you can purchase by one pack of 10 most popular brands listed below:

  1. Marlboro Red
  2. Marlboro Lights (Gold)
  3. Marlboro Filter Plus
  4. Camel Lights
  5. Kent Lights
  6. L&M Filter
  7. Lucky Strike
  8. Classic Red
  9. Winston Red
  10. Winston Lights Blue

All cigarette samples will be combined in a single carton. The whole ordering procedure will remain the same; you'll be able to make an order for a mixed carton going through all stages as it would be a common on-line purchase. The shipping and delivery terms will also remain unchanged. Of course, the offered price for the cigarette samples will be unbelievable low. Once ordering them you'll enjoy beneficial savings smoking fresh cigarettes of high quality on the one hand and get acquainted with other brands you've never thought tasting before on the other hand.

Don't waste this unique opportunity! If you want to smoke - smoke smart!