1. Placing an order

How can I place an order?
On the Home page you will find all the available brands. Select a brand and click on it. This will take you to the selected brand family page. Then click on 'Buy Now' button for the flavor of your choice. It will be automatically added to your shopping cart. If you want to buy more than one brand or style just select another brand from the 'Choose Brand' column and repeat the process. When you are done click 'Confirm Order'. After entering your shipping information, click on 'NEXT' to review your order. If everything is correct, press on 'Go to secured checkout'. You will be taken to Secure Server and you should enter the required information. After that click 'Pay Now'. At this point your billing information is checked and you are due to receive an order confirmation to your e-mail address. If no e-mail is received within 1 hour, please get in touch with our Support Team at support@kiwicigs.com
What payment methods are acceptable?
You can make a purchase in our store using CREDIT/DEBIT CARDS. Payments through all methods are processed on-line. It usually takes not more than 2 days for credit cards processing operations. When orders are accepted and processed customers receive notifications sent automatically with their order details. Payment options provided on our web site are safe and secure. All account information is kept strictly confidential in our processing company's data base. For any further inquiries regarding your purchase, you may contact us at support@kiwicigs.com.
Can I place an order by telephone?
Unfortunately no, you can only make it online.
Can I make a purchase by fax?
Unfortunately no. This method of payment will be available later.
Is there a maximum order?
No. The quantity of cigarettes that can be purchased at www.kiwicigs.com is left to the discretion of customers who must be aware of the laws in force in their country and the sanctions they may incur. Please note that for first time customers the maximum order is set at 12 cartons.
How can I find out my order status?
After you've placed your order at www.kiwicigs.com you will be automatically notified by E-mail when we approve and ship your order. Please notice that we do not ship orders within 24 hours to give you a possibility to change or update your postal address and/or the order items. In such cases you must immediately send us an e-mail with your changes. Please enclose your order number when writing about changes in your order.
I've just placed an order. When should I expect to be debited?
Your credit card will be debited within 2 working days after submitting the order (5-7 working days for echecks). If you still don't see any charge on your credit card/bank statement, please contact our Customer Support at support@kiwicigs.com.

2. About our products

Are the cigarettes sold at www.kiwicigs.com first choice?
The cigarettes sold at www.kiwicigs.com are of the highest quality available on the market. We sell brands made in Europe. Please note that the images of the cigarette packs displayed on our website may slightly differ from the appearance of the actual packs, due to the fact that the manufacturer may change the designs from time to time.
Do you sell other brands of cigarettes besides those advertised on your site?
Not currently. The only brands we sell are shown on the Home page.
Will you be offering other brands in the future?
Yes. The number and type of available brands may change in time.
Is there any difference between the white filter and brown filter Marlboro Lights?
Yes. The first are made to match the taste of American smokers while the second are suited to European tastes. Philip Morris does not provide any other information on this matter. According to smokers (and suggestions), the "white filters" may be slightly stronger. There is only one way to find out. Try them!

3. Delivery

Delivery terms
The delivery terms are from 10 to 30 days. Ussualy it takes 2-3 weeks for the items to be delivered.
If I make an order on Saturday, when will my order be dispatched?
Usually, your order is processed in 24 hours. Orders received on Saturdays are sent on the first working day following reception (the same for Sundays and public holidays).
I bought 5 cartons of cigarettes one week ago and I have received only one parcel containing 3 cartons. Is that normal?
Yes. Large orders are shipped in separate parcels (up to 3-6 cartons per parcel). The parcels are always shipped on the same day but in rare cases they reach their destination together. The time between the first and the last parcel delivery is on average 2 to 5 days in Europe and the Mediterranean area and 2 to 10 days in the rest of the world.
Why can't you send my entire order in one single parcel?
Because it would be subject to duty since the width and value would not fall under the prescribed international parameters.

4. Legality

Is it legal to resell cigarettes ordered from www.kiwicigs.com?
No. This is against the law in any country of the world.
Is it illegal to order a large quantity of cigarettes, for example, 50 cartons?
The quantity of cigarettes that can be purchased at www.kiwicigs.com is left to the discretion of customers who must be aware of the laws in force in their country and the sanctions they may incur if their intention is to resell cigarettes. It is the responsibility of the Buyer to ascertain and comply with the laws relating to the purchase and use of any tobacco goods. In order to determine the applicable limits on purchases or taxing responsibilities, if any, imposed by a particular state, the consumer may want to contact state authorities.

5. Customs

Do you guarantee that no duty will be paid?
We cannot guarantee that no tax will be paid in the Canadian customs. Canada occasionally applies the international postal regulations and standards.

6. Guarantee

Will I get my money back or have the goods replaced if the parcel is lost, stolen or damaged?
www.kiwicigs.com offers a 100% money back guarantee covering the price of the cigarettes if, for any reason, the purchase is not deemed satisfactory.
Can I withdraw the order placed in your online store?
You can withdraw your order within 24 hours from its placement.

7. Non-disclosure

Does www.kiwicigs.com use personal data of customers (mailing address, e-mail address, etc.) for advertising campaigns or other promotional activities?
We do not sell or rent your personal information to others. The information provided to us as a result of your online purchase, such as your name, E-mail address, phone number(s) and point of delivery or forwarding address are only used for shipping.
Does www.kiwicigs.com have a database containing the customer's credit card or bank account details?

8. Return & Refund Policy

How can I return the parcel?
If you are not satisfied with the quality of the delivered products or consider the package contents inappropriate, you may return the parcel back to us, without making any alterations to its inner or outer parts. It may take from 20 to 40 days for our company to receive the returned goods. As soon as we get the parcel/s back, we'll issue you a refund covering the cost of the cigarettes only or a full refund, depending upon each individual case. You are due to receive a notification from our Customer Support right away, informing you about this.
Do you have a Refund Policy?
Yes, we have. Our company always fulfills its obligations and assumes full level of liability for a purchase made in our store. You can apply to our Refund Policy in the following cases:
  1. full refund - if order isn't shipped due to some technical problems or is lost/stolen in delivery;
  2. partial refund covering the cost of goods when parcel is returned to sender not by company's fault (i.e. incorrect shipping information filled in while having submitted the order, package is sent back as unclaimed by the addressee);
  3. partial refund covering half of the cost of the products when a customer is unsatisfied with the quality of the goods.
All refund requests are satisfied within 2 working days after clients raise such claims.

9. Problems with receiving e-mails

Why does email sent to me not arrive?
Dear users of AOL.com, COX.net, DIRECWAY.com, OPTONLINE.net, CHARTER.net e-mails! You might not be getting our Customer Support e-mails due to some reasons (you blocked our e-mail address/it is tagged as a Junk mail or it is in your Spam folder/ your email provider is blocking your correspondent's provider from sending mail due to complaints of abuse, etc). Such problems affect our service because our communication can be blocked and we are not able to get in touch with you regarding your purchases. Therefore, please make sure our messages get through. For AOL users having problems with mail being delivered, we kindly advise to follow the links listed below for further assistance:
  • http://postmaster.info.aol.com/faq/memberfaq.html#nomail
  • http://members.aol.com/adamkb/aol/mailfaq/
For more help you may contact your email provider Customer support.

10. Contact us

How could I contact your store?
If you have some questions or issues regarding your order please contact our Customer Support Service at support@kiwicigs.com. Please don't forget to specify in the e-mail your order number and full name. Your comments and suggestions are important to us as we continue to improve the quality of our products and services.