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Esse - A Brand with a Twist

Many people consider Esse a brand for ladies. Up to a point, this is correct, because some features advertised by Esse address directly to women. These features refer to:

  1. Low tar, when compared to other similar brands; most varieties advertised by Esse are either lights or ultra lights.
  2. The appearance of the cigarettes is especially designed to look good when smoked by women: white filter, long cigarettes with a very discreet design.
  3. Most of the packs have a delicate design that best fits women.

However, this doesn't define Esse in its entirety. There are other specific factors that should be considered if you want to make justice to this brand. Here are the main attractions that come with Esse cigarettes:

The menthol variety advertised by Esse is particularly strong (tar 6 mg, nicotine 0.6 mg). At the same time, the mint is rather pungent as opposed to other menthol cigarettes on the market. Esse Aura Pink has been created for contextual amusement. As such, the manufacturer proves versatile enough to understand people's inconsistent needs and open enough to produce a variety that is not really profitable for the company. But it's the brand that makes the difference, not the tobacco addiction, isn't it?

Esse Aura Green Apple is enjoyed by young people all over the world for its particular taste. You don't see often cigarettes with this particular aroma and if you do, they are more expensive than regular cigarette.

Esse Golden Leaf has been created to cover a distinct segment on the market: businesswomen who have confidence in themselves and who know the difference between a stylish cigarette and a regular one.

Esse Special Gold is a rare example of cigarettes positioned exactly between lights and super lights. They feature a tar volume of 2.5 mg, and a nicotine volume of 0.25. As such, they are neither as strong as lights, nor as airy as the varieties that come with 1 mg of tar.