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The Features that Made the Winston Brand Legendary

Winston is not just a regular brand. It's the embodiment of great taste, elegant design, and good quality tobacco. But was it always like this? And which are the most important characteristics that make this particular brand special among other similar brands on the market? Here are a few possible answers to these questions.

In fact, ever since its creation in 1954, Winston advertised a taste different from the one of its competitors. The idea behind this new taste was that smoothness should go along with tar and smoke density for an increased pleasure of the one who smoked the cigarette. This fact has remained unchanged ever since.

Winston cigarettes are based on an original, unique mixture. This means that, irrespective of your location, social condition, gender, ethnicity, etc., you get to smoke exactly the same cigarette as any other Winston smoker in the world. The level of standardization reached by Winston is difficult to achieve.

Winston makes no use of secondary flavors. It's all about tobacco when it comes to this brand. No cherry flavors, no strawberry notes and no toxic "contemporary" tastes involved. Those who smoke Winston know that they smoke good tobacco and nothing else. However, this doesn't mean that Winston cigarettes are less dangerous to your health than any other cigarette on the market.

Apart from the eagle (that is the basic image of Winston), the brand is focused on an abstract design, combining lines, shapes, and volumes to create an identity easily recognizable anywhere in the world.

Lately, the Winston XS line has developed a new look, based on the idea that technological achievements of the last 50 years have greatly influenced this brand and the quality of the cigarettes. Winston cigarettes are not gender oriented. There are women smoking Winston Filters and men enjoying the rare and subtle taste of Winston Silver.