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  • Kool Menthol Cigarettes pack
    • 10 mg Tar Level
    • 0.8 mg Nicotine
    Price per 1 carton
    $ 53.40
    Cigarette Type
    King Size Box
    (66 votes)
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Your Companion to an Elegant Life: Kool Menthol Milds Cigarettes

Are you fed up with your brand of cigarettes and want to try something new for a change? Check out the Jamaican version of Kool Menthol Milds because this one has just about everything a quality menthol cigarette should have: a special menthol taste; distinction; elegance; well balanced density; and all at an especially cheap price. Here are a few explanations that will shed light on the matter and render more clarity into an otherwise obscure part of this niche:

  • Kool cigarettes come in a superb pack, which is both minimalistic and suggestive at the same time. If you care for the quality of the cigarettes you smoke on a regular basis, take into account the fact that this particular variety will change the way you perceive the concept of elegance and sophistication.
  • The taste of Kool cigarettes is sublime: you'll get to enjoy a perfect blend of tobaccos, along with the refreshingly simple sensation of mint, all wrapped in a perfect presentation.
  • They are suitable for just about any environment, from casual to elegant, from outdoor to indoor, from simple to complex and trendy. When you have such a pack in your pocket, you should be able to adapt to just about any context, and with great ease.

The price of Kool Menthol Milds is perfect for you if you decide to smoke this particular brand on a regular basis. Consider the very simple fact that if you order more in the first place and if you do it online you should be able to get your share of these cigarettes in just a few steps and to benefit from incredibly advantageous offers; moreover, repeat client offers are there to assist you at anytime and you should use this opportunity to get the most out of your online purchase.