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Pall Mall - Whenever Particular People Congregate

The meaning of a tagline is to attract as many people as possible using a very short string of words. Today, if you ask people to tell you the tagline used to advertise Pall Mall cigarettes, they will cite the slogan we put in the title. However, it wasn't always this one.

In the 50s, the favorite Pall Mall tagline was "Outstanding, and they are mild!" Back then, such a tagline had perfect sense, because most people were used to the idea that smoking tobacco cigarettes equals sore throat and a very pungent taste. Pall Mall decided to change this preconception and the best way to do that was by creating a cigarette that was both strong and soft.

These two slogans should give you a good idea about the identity of this brand: smoking Pall Mall is about enjoying a privileged society and a special taste. Bringing this reality to common people was the most important target of this brand, ever since its creation in 1899.

You have plenty of opportunities to buy Pall Mall cigarettes. Below there's an outline encompassing your options, with pluses and minuses, depending on the context:

  • Buy Pall Mall online. If you decide to purchase these cigarettes online, you must first research and find the best sellers in terms of price and reliability. Don't forget that you'll have to add the shipping fees to the initial price advertised on the website.
  • Buy Pall Mall from a local store. This is a good idea as long as you choose an important retailer or a chain of supermarkets; otherwise you may face counterfeit products.

In any of the cases above, you must avoid buying cigarettes from people on the street. Cigarette smuggling is very profitable, but it is obviously illegal. You can't trust the seller, the quality of the product and, ultimately, you can't be sure whether the product is genuine or not.