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The Most Important Features of Karelia Cigarettes

Karelia has been on the market for decades now. Many people love them, because they entice a great combination of taste and strength. However, if we look deeper into this issue, we discover that there are many things which make Karelia so appealing to smokers around the world. This article describes the highlights of this brand, focusing on the relation between quality and value.

Apart from a few types (like George Karelia and Sons Superior Virginia, George Karelia and Sons Smoother Taste, and Karelia Special 100's), most varieties are designed for ladies. Women get to smoke exactly the combination of tar and nicotine they like and they also get well-designed packs.

Even the strong Karelia varieties feel smooth when compared to other similar brands. This is true irrespective of the place where you buy Karelia cigarettes from and is due to the original formula used by the producers in the manufacturing process.

Karelia Blue 100's has been specifically praised for its complex taste and rich aroma.

The lighter the Karelia cigarette, the more discreet the aroma. This is a golden rule that many other brands should follow. If you try a Karelia with 1 mg volume of tar, you can barely feel the taste. This airy note is specific to most of the Karelia products under 3 mg volume of tar.

Karelia Ome has gained international attention as one of the first cigarettes on the market that is simultaneously light, fashionable, and tasty. It is particularly popular throughout Europe.

The George Karelia and Sons cigarettes are more expensive than their counterparts, but they come with an obviously better aroma. They are also quite strong (especially the Superior Virginia variety), which makes them perfect for heavy smokers or for regular smokers who want to try something special at a party.