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Monte Carlo - A Few Relevant Facts

The best way to determine the efficiency of a brand is to research its reference. This is particularly true for Monte Carlo cigarettes, a brand in the tobacco industry heavily relying on one particular place in Europe. So, what makes the city of Monte Carlo so special that it caught the attention of tobacco manufacturers to such a degree? Below there's a list with possible answers to this question.

Monte Carlo is located in Monaco, a small principality in Europe, known worldwide for its rich residents. People who smoke Monte Carlo cigarettes are thus closer to the image of rich people. The history of Monaco in general and Monte Carlo in particular encompasses a vast number of political decisions that have become relevant on the entire continent. In other words, Monte Carlo suggests the fact that small places (and, implicitly, people that are apparently unimportant) may play a major role under various circumstances. Subsequently, Monte Carlo cigarettes are about the ability to become important regardless of your actual position.

Monte Carlo is renowned for style and highlife. Smoking a brand that references such a place is a stylish experience in itself.

Casinos in Monte Carlo and the Circuit of Monaco connect the ideas of gambling and sports. Similarly, smoking this brand shows your interest in this particular type of nightlife and in F1.

Apart from that, there are more than 10 years now since the Monte Carlo brand (otherwise a Japanese brand) has become international. This is particularly relevant to the topic, because it explains the eclectic features of Monte Carlo cigarettes. When you buy this brand you actually make two statements: you approve of its reference, yet you still want to be perceived as a flexible person, a person who can easily adapt to various international realities. As such, Monte Carlo is both driven to a specific location and interested in determining the trans-national factors that are relevant in the field of tobacco industry.