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Light and Delicious Style Cigarettes

The branding efforts in the creation of the Style cigarettes image are no secret. Yet, besides being elegant accessories that fit perfectly in a woman's purse, female oriented cigarettes need to feature greater than the average product quality. Best sellers on the European markets, but perhaps less known to the American smokers, Style cigarettes are now gaining in popularity, not only due to their increased affordability and beautiful design, but mainly because of the great quality of these tobacco products. What makes a cigarette lighter and more luscious? Well, the answer to this question lays in many years of research, numerous attempts of perfecting the recipe, and developing innovative technologies of tobacco preparation.

What makes Style cigarettes better, lighter, and more delicious than ordinary cigarettes? During the manufacturing process, these fine slims and super slims have been treated in order to reduce the amount of harmful chemicals, while enhancing the flavor and aroma of the tobacco. As suggested by the pearly colors on a delicate pack of Style, these cigarettes are the result of a harmonious blend of fine ingredients combined together into a light smokey treat with a wonderful taste that is likely to make you look sexier and more elegant.

A significant number of people, including the smoking population, find the persistent smell of most cigarettes repellant. Style cigarettes release less smoke than the average cigarettes and the smoke smells incredibly delicate, which is a particularly important aspect if you plan to smoke a cigarette indoors, in the comfort of your own home or when going out with your friends to savor a good coffee at the local pub or café. Style understands the difference between taking pleasure in a slight puff of aromatic smoke and choking in a cloud of smoke: the former can be fun and even add some mystery or romance to the smoking experience, while the latter can often be an embarrassment. However, these fine slims haven't been designed for indoor smoking only: their urban look and feel will be the cherry on top while you enjoy your evening walk or hurry in your way to the office in a beautiful morning.