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Chesterfield - A Good Taste at a Great Price

Chesterfield cigarettes became popular at the beginning of the last century due to their special tobacco mixture. Back then, they were in fashion in the UK and in the USA. It took more than two decades before they became recognized at an international level. Even so, due to a false rumor spread throughout the US about a leper working at a Chesterfield factory, people started losing interest in this brand. It took another forty years to put the things back on track. But how did they do it?

Actually, it was more a matter of production, than one of marketing. The mixture was to a certain extent modified and the company did their best to keep the final prices low. Soon after, people remarked the difference between the quality of the cigarette and price, and the brand earned a significant importance again. Today, buying Chesterfield cigarettes is a good idea if you want to take advantage of a great taste and keep your budget to the minimum at the same time. In other words, Chesterfield is a brand dedicated to average consumers who are very careful with the amount of money they spend on cigarettes.

The mixture is not really different from other similar mixtures, but the price is. If we were to make an estimate, we could say that Chesterfield cigarettes are generally 10 to 15% cheaper than their counterparts. It doesn't seem much in the first place, but calculate the amount of money you spend each year for cigarettes, then take away 85% and see how much money you can get just by shifting from the brand you already smoke to Chesterfield. This strategy proved very effective and many people, especially in Europe, decided to try Chesterfield cigarettes for a while. Today, Chesterfield is a well respected brand both in Europe and North America.