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How to Strike a Vogue Pose

In 1990, Madonna brought back into attention a form of house dance and performance, representative for the '60s: voguing was initially inspired by Vogue magazine photography and Madonna added a new something to it by making reference to the glamour of the golden film era.

The black and white music video directed by David Fincher for Madonna's song Vogue, inspired from the American classical Hollywood cinema of the 20's and the 30's, features, among numerous poses with a reference, certain smoking scenes; although there is no obvious suggestion that those were Vogue cigarettes, there certainly is some place for speculation on the matter. Why? Because Vogue cigarettes share the same stylistic inspiration and define their fashion orientation in the same cultural and lifestyle background as this hit of the '90s. Thus, the assumption that Madonna's smoking scenes make a hint to the brand of cigarettes Vogue would be only logical.

Madonna's song Vogue lists various names representative for the Golden Age of Hollywood: Greta Garbo - the fame-fatale, Marilyn Monroe - the flirtatious blonde, Marlene Deitrich - the fabulous German actresses, DiMaggio, Marlon Brando, Jimmy Dean, Grace Kelly - Her Serene Highness, Jean Harlow, Gene Kelly - Singing in the Rain, Fred Astaire, Ginger Rodgers, Rita Hayworth, Ralph Lauren, Lana Turner, and lovely Bette Davis. All these beautiful people and notorious smokers brought up a seductive attitude towards smoking.

So what could the words "strike a pose" mean in the context of tobacco industry? Apparently, they refer to restoring an attitude and reinstating the beauty and elegance of a long-gone era. This has been the position of the cigarettes brand Vogue all along. The interest in looks, shapes, textures and colors, flavors, scents and other sophisticates refinements, ensured the popularity of Vogue cigarettes worldwide. An astonishing number of people buy Vogue cigarettes both online and in-store.