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  • Astra Non Filter Cigarettes pack
    • 13 mg Tar Level
    • 1.1 mg Nicotine
    Price per 1 carton
    $ 12.88
    Cigarette Type
    Soft pack
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Astra - Buy the Real Taste of a Traditional Brand

This article deals with the main advantages of Astra - a brand that has made a name in the Eastern European countries by offering quality tobacco at a very affordable price, on a regular basis, for decades now. The advantages are split into a few relevant categories. Read on if you want to learn more about this particular brand and about the incredible benefits it comes bundled with:

  • Taste - the taste of Astra cigarettes is so special that women and men alike enjoy them as often as they can. There's no aftertaste associated to this particular brand and, at the same time, the taste is strong enough as to justify naming these cigarettes regular. You won't get to enjoy such a brilliant taste on a daily basis if you don't act fast and purchase Astra cigarettes online.
  • Tar and nicotine - most of the people, who smoke Astra regularly, consider the levels of tar and nicotine particularly well balanced. The recipe behind this brand is secret and this justifies how they managed to sell these cigarettes for decades now with such a local success.
  • Design - the design of Astra cigarettes is pretty much straightforward and simple. They won't get you head over heels, but, at the same time, they won't disappoint you either.

If you buy Astra cigarettes today, you may take advantage and purchase quality cigarettes at an exceptionally low price, especially if you're doing this online: online offers are far better than local offers, because online retailers don't have to pay additional taxes that are generally associated to local sellers. At the same time, the shipping costs associated to cigarettes are smaller than those of other goods, as cigarettes, despite their volume, are lighter in nature. Order today and you'll remark that you may benefit of spectacular prices, especially if you order a large quantity in the first place.