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  • Cosmos Cigarettes pack
    • 8 mg Tar Level
    • 0.6 mg Nicotine
    Price per 1 carton
    $ 14.88
    Cigarette Type
    King Size Box
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Cosmos Cigarettes Online or The Idea of Passion

This article lists three on the most relevant characteristics of this Eastern European brand that has made history in the past decade due to its compelling mix of novelty and tradition in the same pack:

  • Intuition - Rarely did we see such an impressive brand as far as intuition is concerned: not only do Cosmos cigarettes come cheap, but they also offer intricate quality and style. In addition, it's all in the design of the pack when it comes to intuition because you'll get to smoke and exceptionally good looking pack of cigs and, at the same time, to enjoy a quality texture and overall feel.
  • Passion - These cigarettes have been conceived for men and women alike; however, it's their core nature the one that suggests that, while the tar of the cigs is unisex, the pack is rather intended for ladies. Don't expect false alarms (like those you would get when purchasing a regular pack of cigarettes featuring an obviously feminine design), bells and whistles: the passion of Cosmos cigarettes is much more discreet and intuitive than you'd initially think.
  • Sophistication - These rather urban cigarettes come with a sense of elegance rarely to be seen on today's market. Cosmos are equally suitable to be smoked at a local party, at home or during a business break. In addition, the style and the overall design of the pack and cigs alike will definitely impress even the pickiest of your critics.

Cosmos cigarettes may be ordered online at anytime; all you really need to do is to find a reliable retailer in the first place and order the quantity of your choice in just a few steps. Remember though: repeat client offers are very attractive, so come back and order more after you've finished smoking the first round. It's preferable to order online, as Cosmos cigarettes come with a discount when bought over the web and, consequently, they are cheaper and much more attractive that those bought in local stores.