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  • Doina Filter Cigarettes pack
    • 10 mg Tar Level
    • 0.8 mg Nicotine
    Price per 1 carton
    $ 15.38
    Cigarette Type
    Soft pack
    (4 votes)
  • Doina Lux Premium Cigarettes pack
    • 9 mg Tar Level
    • 0.7 mg Nicotine
    Price per 1 carton
    $ 17.38
    Cigarette Type
    King Size Box
    (9 votes)
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Doina Luxury Classic - A Blend You Can Buy Today

The refinement of some blends will not impose itself to you right from the first cigarette; it is the case of Doina cigarettes, which are particularly impressive, although they require some time to assert their power to the mere consumers. At the same time though, connoisseurs appreciate this brand as one of the best in the Eastern European countries. Its mixes, combining the benefits of strong tobacco with the intricate value of quality filters, have remained a mystery to some to the day of today.

When you decide to buy Doina cigarettes online, you should keep in mind the following lists of options and features just to make sure you choose what you need right from the first order and, at the same time, that you choose according to your budget.

  • Doina cigarettes are extremely cheap in nature and Doina Luxury Classic is equally well priced, irrespective of the time of the year when you decide to buy them. However, if you purchase them online, you'll get the chance to take advantage of exceptional offers, bonuses, return customer sales and so on and so forth.
  • Doina Luxury Classic cigarettes are regulars and they should be regarded as such, irrespective of the style of your preference or of the quantity you want to order. When deciding to buy Doina cigs online, the levels of tar and nicotine should be one of the variables you need to consider and if, by any chance, you need regulars, Doina Luxury Classic are available.
  • There are few items on the market that can bring you close to such amazing filters as Doina cigarettes can. Whichever the variety of your preference may be, you'll get impeccably well calibrated filters you will be able to enjoy on a regular basis for months. Don't ever disregard this principle, as filters are of key importance to your wellbeing and you should only buy the best filters available out there and make no compromise on the topic.