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  • Leana Non Filter Cigarettes pack
    • 13 mg Tar Level
    • 1.1 mg Nicotine
    Price per 1 carton
    $ 13.08
    Cigarette Type
    Soft pack
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70s with a Special Twist - Leana Cigarettes Found Online

At an international level, there are two basic sized of cigarettes: 84s and 100s. The first one, also referred to as king size, is dedicated for general use and most of the people who smoke on a regular basis choose them daily. The 100s, on the other side, aka long cigarettes, are meant for special occasions or for people who want to take smoking to the next level. Apart from these ones, the 120s, being either regular, slims or super slims, are dedicated to ladies and parties especially, due to their inner value and elegance.

In this context, Leana cigarettes are indeed extremely special, as they feature a rather rare size: 70 mm. There are actually extremely few brands on the market that still add this valuable size to the international set of available sizes (together with Gitanes and Belomorkanal) and even fewer which can take pride in doing it in such an elegant and original manner. Here are the advantages of smoking 70s on a regular basis:

  • These cigarettes are stronger than the average and, more often than not, very intuitive in nature. You should be able to enjoy them in just about any context and still feel the inner value they feature.
  • They are cheaper, as there's less material involved in the process. If you care for you money (and you definitely should when considering this particular niche), 70s are a great attraction to you.
  • They're fast and easy to smoke; in most of the cases, they don't feature filters and you can be sure you'll be able to enjoy the intricate experience of smoking in the most natural way of all.
  • They're easy to carry along, as they won't cover too much space. You can carry them in your pocket without men ever noticing you have cigarettes there and, at the same time, you can carry them in a special tobacco pouch. In other words, they are adaptive and versatile in nature and they give you the opportunity to enjoy this favorite experience of yours anytime you like.