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Virginia Slims for Men

In America slims and superslims are advertised and perceived as women's cigarettes. There is no logical reason why long cigarettes should be for women only: length does by no means affect tobacco content, flavor, nicotine, etc. Yet, other gender targeted cigarettes have raised similar issues in the past. For example, when filter cigarettes were first introduced on the market, they were advertised for women; it took a lot of publicity to persuade male smokers that a filter would not affect their virility. Some people identify Virginia Slims cigarettes as soft cigarettes or "poofs" for delicate women, so picturing the Marlboro Man smoking one of these would be difficult for many. Do not forget that the Marlboro Man was created specifically to do that! What does this mean? It means that the famous cowboy smoked a filter cigarette when filter cigarettes were "for women only".

Nobody wrote "for women" on a pack of superslims so far, yet, Virginia Slims male smokers are, for now, but a minority. The only available explanation for this is that, somehow, in many social environments it is still uncomfortable for men to smoke these cigarettes due to gender identity issues. However, in South Korea, for example, slims are a trend for everyone, both male and female smokers.

Although Virginia Slims is an American brand of cigarettes targeted to women, there are men who like to smoke these as well. However, the company never seemed to care too much for men's interest in this particular line of products: the lifestyle model advertised by Virginia Slims does not welcome men. This sort of aggressive marketing strategy has both advantages and disadvantages: although it proves to be consistent in the long run, which is good, specific targeting ("It's a Woman Thing") does present a drawback by totally ignoring an important part of the overall smoking population and thus disregards a significant opportunity for profit. In the USA, Virginia Slims cigarettes doubled the number of girls who smoked, but people are still not accustomed to seeing a man with a purse pack. More American teenagers who smoke might sound like a big success for the tobacco industry, but the triumph is really not that great: prevalence of female smoking population in North America is nothing compared to Europe, let alone Latin America and Caribbean.