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Why do people start smoking?


For girls one of the main reasons why they start smoking is because smoke their friends. So is triggered the mechanism of social dependence. This works not only for teenagers but also for adults. "He smokes, I will smoke too, to not to differ from him, because he will think of me bad."

It is not known why, but in the movies and on television is created, until now, the image of a steep hero - smoker. Since the society in developed countries pay attention to it, now in movies at TV shows starting to fight against smoking, and increasingly film characters lead a healthy lifestyle. In general, according to statistics, in the nineties, in twenty randomly selected American movies, 57% of main characters are smokers. However, only 14% of them faced with negative consequences of smoking.

Everyone knows why 9-10 year old boy begins secretly from his parents, smoke cigarettes. It's simple - he wants to appear adult. He doesn't do it for himself, he is doing it for his peers and others in general.

If all men (relatives and friends) surrounding the child smoke, in child's understanding - smoking becomes a norm. It is a fact that if in the family there is at least one family member who smoke, the probability that children will start smoking is increased by 50 - 60 percent.

Many people start smoking during stress, or getting into some difficult situations. And sometimes it happens even at the age of 40 - 50 years. People which never took up a cigarette, start smoking in this situations. In a difficult moment someone hands a pack of cigarettes. It really gives temporary relief. The problem is moved aside for a few minutes - until you smoke cigarette.

So why those who started smoking in his youth, or by nonsense, or in difficult moments of life, don't quit smoking when all the troubles and prejudices pass? There are two opinions, in addition to the extreme.

First option - wants, but can't. Such smokers are actually the majority. The fact is that in every smoker's life comes a moment when the shortness of breath is felt more strongly, and compulsive cough begins to interfere. Some smokers starts think about it when it's too late, when the cancer was already diagnosed. The saddest thing is that quitting something is difficult or even impossible. But Most of smokers if want, are able to quit smoking by themselves without doctor psychiatrist.

The second option - those who know about the harm caused by smoking to the body, do not want to give up smoking. Explain this passion by pleasant sensation, which gives a cigarette, by the opportunity to focus or relax depending on the situation, relief of intellectual activity and contacts with smoking friends. Such smokers will never quit smoking and do not even think about it.