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News From Australia: Graphic Law Worsens Tobacco Taste


It is worth mentioning that Australia was the first country in the world that imposed one of the most strictest laws on tobacco packages last year. Instead of usual brands consumers have to see on packs graphic images of cancerous diseases.

According to most experts' point of view it is too early for any concrete conclusions regarding the results of this law. However the last head count showed clearly just one thing: smokers are sure that cigarettes became worse after the new law had been signed. Such complaints started to appear soon after the law went into effect and touched various health organizations connected with the issue.

Thus the Australian Ministry of Health, Tanya Plibersek noted that this is just the result of psychological attitude. As she added the content of products was not changed in any way. She emphasized that the discussion runs about "people being confronted with the ugly packaging" what "made the psychological leap to disgusting taste."

The Ministry of Health added that it is too early to speak about any positive effects of the law. However she believes that in a few years the situation will change and smoking rates will decrease. To her opinion the imaginary change in cigarette taste is the best confirmation of the fact that the new law has been successfully working.

In the United States a law accepted in 2009 gave a possibility to the F.D.A. to demand graphic and text warnings on cigarette packs. But the law was not accepted by federal court and F.D.A. has not got the job done.

It would be curious to remark that Australia is a heavily taxed country where a pack of cigarettes costs much more in comparison to other countries of the world. Generally speaking smoking in Australia is treated very strictly. For example it is prohibited to smoke almost in all public places such as bars, restaurants, sport institutes and working places.

The new law which was introduced in Australia has been gradually spreading in other countries as well. It has both supporters and opponents. The last category of people are agitated by the new rules as they consider them a total disrespect to the smoking society. Is the new law a right step forward or just an attempt to follow someone's interests - remains an issue of discussion.