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  • RJ Reynolds Tobacco will spend 20 billion dollars to buy Lorillard cigarette company

    U.S. tobacco giant RJ Reynolds plans to buy local rival Lorillard tobacco company for more than $ 20 billion dollars. This purchase will allow the second-largest North American tobacco producer (it holds 25% of the cigarette market) occupy a dominant posi ...

    12 May 2014
  • Should the Government Stand To Benefit From Smokers?

    It's not a secret anymore that the government has a questionable opinion about tobacco products. On the one hand, there are so many bright speeches about nicotine and its harmful effects on human body, but ...

    03 Sep 2013
  • F.D.A. vs Court

    The article represents a resume of the constant debates between the smoking supporters and the group of their opponent - health organizations such as Food and Drugs Administration. ...

    31 Aug 2013
  • Age Limits on Tobacco Products: Debating Issue

    Recently New York City Council has taken the decision to raise the minimum age for tobacco buying. Thus it presupposes that to purchase any tobacco product you must be at least 21 and not 18 as it was before. Let's take a look at the situation and fi ...

    28 Aug 2013
  • Bloomberg's New Anti-smoking Campaign in New York

    There have been discussed absolutely different ways and methods among ruling authorities directed to discourage people from smoking. Perhaps it would be interesting to find out one more unusual approach to the mentioned issue which is mentioned in the pre ...

    26 Aug 2013